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3 Ways to Communicate Better with Your Real Estate Leads

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Do you feel like you’re making the same phone call, over and over, and not getting any results? Maybe you feel as though your emails are falling on deaf ears? In a world where fast, clear, and effective communication is king, it might just be time to learn how to communicate better with your real estate leads. 

1) DOn’t just sell 

Your leads are probably used to you reaching out to help them buy or sell, but how often do you find a way to connect with them on a more genuine level? Believe it or not, part of building trust – and your brand – is creating a lasting, authentic connection with your leads. (And sending the occasional holiday card doesn’t cut it!)

A great way to connect with potential clients without seeming disingenuous or pushy is a bi-weekly or monthly newsletter. Rather than simply listing out properties, let them know about new developments or celebrations at your company. Give them a reason to want to invest in you and your business and make them feel like they’re part of your journey.

New hire? Celebrate them! Company vacation? Share photos! Your leads want to know what sets you apart from other agents, and the more they learn about you, the more they’ll trust your guidance.

2) Change It Up 

Whether you’re a cold-call fanatic or an email aficionado, there’s nothing more important than changing up your method of communication. In fact, it’s almost always perceived as being less bothersome when you vary your outreach efforts.

 Imagine if you were to call your leads 3 times per week. You’d drive them crazy, right?

But what if you called your leads on Monday, sent out your newsletter on Wednesday, and they saw one of your targeted Google remarketing ads on Friday? Better yet – maybe they even drove by a sign with your face on it on Tuesday and received a postcard from you on Thursday! (Okay – that might be overkill, but you get our point.)

 Communication isn’t just emailing or making phone calls; it’s every interaction you have with your leads – both automated and in-person. By diversifying your marketing and making “contact” in a variety of different ways, you can contact your leads more often and it will be more positively received.

3) Create Organization

Lead management systems come in all different shapes and sizes, but some methods work better than others. If your CRM is looking a little cluttered, it might be time to clean house and figure out a new, easy-to-follow system to manage your leads. Not only will this create consistency throughout your team, but it will also ensure that you have detailed notes on every lead. 

How detailed? Well – that’s up to you. But remember, the more you know about your leads, the more you can cater to their needs, build trust, and show them that you care. At the very least, be sure to make notes about important family events or important tidbits of information they’ve shared with you. Everyone loves being remembered.

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