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Avoid cracks in your foundation with your new admin.

Get personalized coaching and training for the first 90 days. 

Hiring an assistant isn’t an expense—it’s an investment. But without a strategy behind it? It’s a risky one. Without support, there’s a 20 percent chance your new hire won’t succeed during the first 90 days. 

With us, you can reduce your risk to around 3 percent—and see an immediate impact on your business.

90 Days to Thrive is a 1:1 coaching program designed to help you and your new admin become an unstoppable team. 

Your admin will learn the foundation of supporting a high-volume real estate business from some of the best real estate coaches in the industry—while you stay focused on sales.

With the support of your dedicated coach, you’ll learn how to set clear expectations as a leader and establish impactful communication habits with your new assistant.

Accountability is built into the program, so you and your assistant are always on the same page, unlike with self-guided or DIY training. 

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What to expect

for the First
90 Days

Set clear, reasonable expectations from the outset and watch your business (and admin!) thrive.

Four 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls Per Month

Both you and your admin can talk through any challenges, questions, or ideas with your coach.


Enjoy videos on training and education for operations, systems, software, book reviews and more.

90-Day Performance/Goal-Setting Review

Evaluate progress and determine the next benchmarks for you and your admin.

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90 to thrive program materials

  • A customized, 12-week success plan (so you can measure your success)
  • Management and leadership techniques (to help you be an effective boss)
  • REA 101: The Essential Training Guide – a 12-module online, on-demand video training program (to support your admin in their day-to-day)
  • Real estate workflow training for new and experienced admin that covers:
    • Marketing
    • Lead management
    • Client communication
    • Listings
    • Offers
    • Contract to closing
  • 30+ checklists, communication templates, goal-setting worksheets, and more (so your admin can create bullet-proof systems)
  • Access to our membership video library (which includes tons of resources on tech training, goal-setting, social media management, and more)

All for just $2999 or $1100 a month for three months.

When you set goals together, you thrive together.

Jim Gilday

Kathleen’s coaching has been critical to the development of my business, she coached me through 3 assistants and some very tough times. She helped train and motivate and help my current assistant. She provided the structure and course work, the counseling to help my assistant become one of the best in the business, changing both her life and mine.

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When you invest in your assistant's success, your results will be off the charts.

Help your admin become an empowered leader in your business operations in just 90 days. Get your personalized roadmap to success. Want to know more about our proven onboarding and coaching program before signing up?

Book a free clarity call to learn more about 90 Days to Thrive.

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What's best for you?

REA 101
Want help now? Get the proven training system created by real estate experts who have been in your shoes.
12 modules
Video and audio recordings
90 Days to Thrive
Get additional support with our personalized onboarding and coaching program for new real estate admins and their agent.
Includes REA 101
Goal setting for the first 90 days
Four 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls per month
Access to our membership video library
90-day performance and goal setting review

Are you ready to thrive?

Want to know more about our proven onboarding and coaching program before signing up?

Book a free clarity call to learn more about 90 Days to Thrive.