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You’ll face new challenges and opportunities at every level of your business.

Rise to the occasion with help from a seasoned real
estate coach.

Everyone has their own definition of success. Not everyone has a clear plan on how to get there.

But you’re unwilling to settle for average results. You want to be a courageous, confident, and capable leader.

How do you get there? The one-off webinars, trainings, and conferences are inspiring and informative, but they can only get you so far.

Elite athletes don’t attend webinars. They have coaches. What would be possible for your business if you had the same kind of support?

Team and 1:1 coaching programs to help you take the small steps that make up the big picture.

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What to expect

  • Think like a CEO (starting day one)
  • Craft a straightforward business plan (and execute it)
  • Attract and retain right-fit team members who grow with your business (the not-so-secret way to scale faster and more smoothly)
  • Establish benchmarks, guidelines, and priorities that are clear and impactful (so the whole team wins)
  • Prioritize their time and efforts (to move the needle on your most important goals)
  • Develop processes and standards (for fine-tuned systems and solid team communication)
  • Bring more value and take on greater responsibility as the role evolves (benefiting both the business and their career, so everyone’s happy)
  • Become a leader and culture keeper as your business scales (so you can stay in your zone of genius and let others take the reigns)
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Our Coaching Specialties

Team coaching
for agents &
their admin

Teams that coach together grow together.
Reach new heights faster and more
smoothly. We’re here to serve as the bridge between you and your staff so you can be an
effective leader and they can be a valuable
asset to your business.

Goal-setting for success

Systems and standards

Skill-building and tools for the job

Real Estate

Gain support from a pro where
you need it most. We’ll help you prioritize your focus and maximize your investment so you can
start seeing progress right away. Your coaching plan is customized to you.

For Agents: Hiring and gaining leverage in your business
Being an effective leader who empowers your staff
Handling conflict and recurring issues
For Admins: Achieving goals for the role
Preparing to take on more responsibilities
Stepping into a leadership role

With either option, you'll have a dedicated coach from our team of seasoned real estate pros. We've seen it all in 20+ years of real estate!

Nancy Narimatsu

Not only did Kathleen introduce me to the dynamics of working in a real estate office, she gave me insight into my agents needs and expectations. This was probably the most valuable aspect of my coaching experience.

Unlock the results possible for you.

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