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Behind every successful team is a powerhouse admin. Who’s behind them?

As a real estate admin, you wear many hats.

You’re the stealth superhero of your team, making the impossible happen every day. (And rarely do you take credit for it.)

But it can be lonely. If you don’t have a support crew, you can feel like you’re making things up as you go and juggling tasks inefficiently, because you’ve had to figure out much of this job on your own.

Fortunately, there’s a community just for you.

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Find Your Right-Fit Mastermind

Thrive Together Mastermind
A free community for new and experienced 
real estate admin seeking support and
resources. In this private Facebook group, you’ll  
gain personal and professional development
and connect with like-minded admin. 
You’ll get a combination of brainstorming,
education, peer accountability, and support
in a group setting to sharpen your
business and personal skills.
A private Facebook group of new and experienced real estate admin

90-minute masterminds once a month on Tuesdays over Zoom

Member presentations, reading discussions, and more

Support in setting and achieving your goals

Be You -
The Inner Circle
This group is for operations, sales, business owners, and those seeking to be authentic leaders in their work, life, business, or community. Learn how to take ownership, take initiative, and  
take your life and career to the next level.
Meet like-minded professionals who support,
encourage, and learn from one another in a  
space where you can work through your
challenges and celebrate your wins.
Live coaching from and direct access to co-founders Kathleen Metcalf (CEO of Kammbium) and Margaret “Mo” Smith (CEO of I Love It When) for a fraction of what it usually costs to hire them
90-minute masterminds on the 2nd and 3rd Fridays of the month over Zoom, plus monthly accountability group meetings
Quarterly Master Class Trainings with speakers from both inside and outside the industry, including authors, CEOs, investors, and influential thought leaders
Early access to the PNW Operations Retreat just for admin (happens 2-4 times per year)

Enroll any time for free.

Be You – The Inner Circle is an ongoing commitment. Join us for a month and try it out to see if we’re a good fit. The Success Path is designed for a year which benefits both you and the community.

Enrollment is open periodically throughout the year.

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our fans

Jim Gilday

Kathleen’s coaching has been critical to the development of my business, she coached me through 3 assistants and some very tough times. She helped train and motivate and help my current assistant. She provided the structure and course work, the counseling to help my assistant become one of the best in the business, changing both her life and mine.

Elizabeth Lee

The benefits of the REA 101 Training program is that I get to meet with awesome coaches with my team and individually. The individual calls give me an opportunity for me to be mentored individually.

Paul Scherrer

Benefits far exceeded our expectation. Kathleen and her team are totally keyed in to how successful teams use systems and processes to facilitate growth.

Nancy Narimatsu

Not only did Kathleen introduce me to the dynamics of working in a real estate office, she gave me insight into my agents needs and expectations. This was probably the most valuable aspect of my coaching experience.

Hannah Myers

If you are struggling with communication, personality differences, or work flow and process, this coaching program can help you better understand why you are having those issues and learn how to resolve them rather than letting them drag on.


Growth happens outside of your comfort zone (and ideally with your friends).

When you build your self-confidence and learn alongside other growth-minded professionals, the impact is felt in your life, career, and business.

If you’re ready to make your mark and evolve as a leader in your own right, a mastermind will get you there faster.

Join yours today.

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