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Hiring was just the first hurdle.

How do you train your new assistant without neglecting the rest of your business? The first few weeks on the job are crucial to your admin’s success. Are you prepared to give them the tools and resources they need? 

If you don’t set your admin up with the proper tools and guidance, you have a higher risk of mistakes, miscommunication, and turnover. (Ouch, sounds expensive!)

But here’s the real rub: You hired them because you’re already short on time. How can you possibly make more time to train them?

…Not to mention the fact that training is not your area of expertise. Maybe you should just have them shadow you for a few weeks. (Hint: We don’t recommend this!)

You learned real estate on the job. But now you have a bonafide business. Train your new assistant like the pros do: with strategic support.

Introducing REA 101, the self-paced training course for new real estate admin.

In this online course, your real estate assistant will learn the foundation of supporting a successful real estate business, putting them miles ahead of admin who simply learn on the fly.

And they can complete this course in as little as 12 hours.

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What to expect

  • 12 modules on real estate basics, customer service, marketing, lead gen, listing and transaction management, and more
  • Video and audio recordings on each topic for easy learning
  • Scripts for talking with clients and leads
  • Templates for marketing, job descriptions, goal-setting, and more
  • Checklists for listing appointments, open houses, managing contract-to-close, and more
  • A bonus agent module with a sample 90-day training sheet, guide to confident communication, and the three phases of a new assistant
  • Transcripts and worksheets for each module, plus continued access to the course materials
  • Understand the buying and selling processes from contract to closing (saving you hours of on-the-fly training)
  • Have a solid system for communicating with you, your team, and your clients (so nothing ever falls through the cracks)
  • Provide five-star customer service that makes a lasting impression on your clients (inspiring reviews, referrals, and repeat clients)
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with clients to keep you top of mind (making your admin an ambassador for your brand)
  • Stay focused on serving your current clients
  • Generate more leads for your business, and
  • See a return on your investment in your admin months sooner than if you train on-the-fly
  • Need more hands on support and guidance? 90 Days to Thrive is a personalized onboarding and coaching program for new real estate admin and their agent. When you sign up, you’ll receive access to REA 101 training—absolutely free

Get the proven training system by experts who have been in your shoes.

Elizabeth Lee

The benefits of the REA 101 Training program is that I get to meet with awesome coaches with my team and individually. The individual calls give me an opportunity for me to be mentored individually.

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What's best for you?

REA 101
Want help now? Get the proven training system created by real estate experts who have been in your shoes.
12 modules
Video and audio recordings
90 Days to Thrive
Get additional support with our personalized onboarding and coaching program for new real estate admins and their agent.
Includes REA 101
Goal setting for the first 90 days
Four 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls per month
Weekly group coaching calls
90-day performance and goal setting review

If you are....

- Starting from scratch without many systems or a training manual (and no clear path to success)

- Strapped for time and resources to train your assistant on your own (while keeping your business and lead gen going)

- Feeling the pressure of making this hire a success (because you can’t afford turnover)

- Done with DIY or on-the-fly training (can you say “chaos”?)

Upgrade from REA 101 to 90 Days to Thrive today.