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Working in real estate isn’t easy. Even if you love your job, it can be difficult to find that pep in your step during a long, challenging week. 

At Kammbium, we give real estate admins the tools they need to not only be happy in their role – but to own it and thrive. Here are four habits you can use to find happiness at work. Let us know which ones work the best for you! 

1. Make it Meaningful

It’s hard to be happy at work if you don’t find meaning in your job, or if your role doesn’t align with your values. When you’re struggling to see the purpose behind what you do, write down a list of your goals and dreams. (Seriously, try it!) 

Once you have a list, start to consider what aspects of your role as a real estate admin contribute to helping you achieve these goals. Maybe you want to make money so you can put a down payment on a house, or maybe you’re passionate about helping others. Either way, bringing awareness to the “why” behind your career path can help you cultivate motivation and excitement. 

There’s nothing better than knowing your efforts have measurable value. 

2. Embrace Feedback

Most of us can agree that one of the most challenging aspects of employment is receiving negative feedback. After all, nobody likes admitting that they’ve messed up – or worse, dealing with the consequences of a mistake! 

We can, however, reshape the way we think about negative feedback and change our relationship with it. Instead of an unpleasant experience, what if we viewed negative feedback as a rare opportunity?   

When your employer gives you negative feedback, welcome it with open arms. Instead of protesting or making excuses, look at it objectively and ask yourself, “What can I learn?” The best apology is changed behavior, and there’s no better way to acknowledge that you understand your mistake than by using it as a tool to make you a better admin and employee. 

3. Communicate Effectively

A common sentiment we hear from admins we work with is, “I’m not sure how to ask for what I need.” Many times, agents hire a new admin, but fail to set clear expectations or ask them to work with very little direction. In these cases, although proper expectation-setting falls on the shoulders of the agent, the admin is responsible for communicating their concerns or asking for clarification when they need it. 

So how do you ask for what you need? 

When coming to your employer, show them why you need something by demonstrating how it will help excel at your role and prevent mistakes. For example, if you need clarification on a system you’re not familiar with, show them how expanding your knowledge will help the office flow more smoothly and save them time.  

Everything is easier when we understand each other!

4. Recharge Consciously

Your time away from the office is just as important as your time at work. When you’re not working, make a conscious effort to participate in activities that fill your cup and make you feel happy. 

Do you love hiking? Painting? Maybe you’re obsessed with puzzles? Instead of hitting up a happy hour every evening, engage in healthy, stimulating activities and prioritize your sleep. After all, if your batteries are always running on empty, then it’s hard to enjoy putting energy towards your career.

Are you ready to bring more happiness into your role as an admin? Our Thrive Together and REA 101 programs are built to guide you throughout your journey as an REA. Join us and start smiling more.

*Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

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