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4 Real Estate Systems You Should Automate

Don’t miss these three real estate systems you should automate to free up your time and energy.

real estate systems you should automate

Sales & Marketing Emails

Want to speed up lead generation with the click of a button? Automated email marketing is your one-stop-shop for more efficient client outreach. Whether it’s your monthly newsletter, open house reminders, or even your agent’s sales emails, the bulk of your tedious online correspondence can be written and scheduled ahead of time. This is one of the first real estate systems you should automate!

As a real estate admin, you may choose to write the emails yourself, or you can hire an experienced marketer to tackle the job for you. Either way, the result is long-term, lasting content that can be repurposed month after month to engage with new and existing clients. 

Want to enlist the help of an expert? Dr. Laura Sims is the Lead Systems Consultant at Kammbium. She specializes in CRM systems optimization for real estate agents, and she’s no stranger to setting up drip campaigns to nurture existing clients. 

“We strategize with the client about what groups and tags to use, then automate the follow-up campaigns that send tailored content to specific groups they want to target,” says Dr. Sims. “We also include reminders for tasks so that agents know exactly who to call, and when.” 

This “set it and forget it” system allows real estate agents to focus their attention on building relationships, knowing that leads and past clients are regularly receiving carefully curated content from them. This way, no lead is left behind! 

Social Media 

Before you get too excited, no, you can’t simply ask an AI bot to do your social media for you. Social media is – at its very core – social, so you’ll still need to put in the time and effort to create fun, engaging content for your followers.

You can, however, use a scheduler to keep your social media posts organized and ensure that all your designs are cohesive. By planning out your content, you’ll be able to post real-time updates and reach the correct time zone(s), all with the help of data and analytics so you get the biggest bang for your buck. 

There are countless schedulers out there, but depending on your needs, the leaders are Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Meta Business Suite

Print Marketing

Believe it or not, print marketing has made a roaring comeback in the last year. With more teams returning to the office, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be investing in postcards, flyers, stickers, and even brochures for your clients. But instead of sending these freebies out one by one, send them in bulk! 

Purchase quarterly postcards or holiday cards and let the professionals at businesses like Modern Postcard tackle your design for you. Just tell them what you need, send them a list of your clients, and watch your business grow. 

Holiday Gifts

Do you painstakingly purchase, wrap, and package small holiday gifts for your client list every year? If so, it’s time to jump on the automation train. There are countless websites that will make it easy for you to provide a caring touch in just a few minutes without ever leaving your desk.

Do you think your clients would enjoy personalized gifts? From fancier companies like Gift My Client to more budget friendly like The Gift Goose, you’ll save yourself countless hours of painstaking work by automating your client gifts. Simply upload your client list, choose what item you want your clients to receive, and never look back.

 Want help building systems? Click here to schedule a call with Dr. Laura Sims.