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Behind the Scenes with Kathleen Metcalf

behind the scenes with kathleen metcalf

Kathleen’s Story

My journey began with a question: how can real estate agents hire and train their new assistants and still get their prospecting done?

In 2007, I was working as an office manager for a real estate business coach who was affiliated with one of the premiere coaching companies. My boss coached 65 real estate leaders every week.

She asked me if I could help her clients while working for her – read resumes, write job descriptions, and train newly hired assistants on how to support a high-producing agent. My background as a recruiter and trainer in the retail industry plus my experience as a real estate assistant and a real estate agent in San Francisco made me the perfect candidate for the job.

I soon discovered that agents couldn’t reach their goals unless they had stellar administrative support. This was a challenge I wanted to conquer, and an entrepreneurial idea was born.

At the end of that year, my boss said to me “next year, you should really charge people for your services”; well, that was the beginning of what was to come.

By the end of the following year, I had replaced myself in her company and started my own, Bullseye Hiring. She was and is thrilled for me and a raving fan of the work that my team and I do in the real estate industry.

Growth & Challenge

I started out like many entrepreneurs working as a solopreneur, working diligently as the technician of my business and as a recruiter for real estate assistants.

Pretty quickly, I discovered that I needed help to handle the volume of searches! My first hire was an experienced recruiter to work alongside me.

As my team grew, my role grew. I became the coach who worked with the agent and the newly hired admin, helping them to learn to work together.

After doing some research, I realized that there were very few options available for agents for training administrators. It was my favorite part of the job, and I wanted to find new ways to help these real estate admins thrive.

This motivated me to reach out to my main competitor for administrative recruiting, Vanessa Rosenblum with Pro REA Staffing/Hire LAB. As luck would have it, she was intrigued by my offer to work together.

In our new method of collaboration, Vanessa’s company would do the hiring, and my company could do the training and coaching for successful performance as “Kathleen Metcalf Training & Coaching.” It was a match made in heaven! We’ve been teaming up ever since.

Training & Beyond

With my new freedom from the direct responsibility of recruiting, I made my next hire to help me design, create and publish our own admin training program, REA 101: The Essential Guide for New Real Estate Admin, plus the agent bonus module, “The Keep Calm Guide for Better Communication”.

We grew the company with great service, results, and generous referrals from our clients and colleagues.

Now, we’re in our 10th year of business! Our team has grown to eight people in three countries and six time zones. We are more passionate and committed to revolutionizing teamwork in the real estate industry than ever before! So this is the right time to allow our brand to evolve, too.

We are “Kammbium!” This is the new, registered name of my company, and is now the most fitting brand to describe who we are and what we do.

Working with us, you can expect us to bring order to chaos, peace of mind where there is doubt, and results where there is opportunity.

Our vision is to help create successful real estate businesses so everyone thrives at work and in their lives.

Our values of collaboration, excellence, kindness, trust, creativity and humor guide us in all our endeavors.

The mission is to support teams to establish effective workflow, hire talent and train team members to perform at their best through coaching and systems documentation.

In ten years, we intend for sales and operations to be partners in running real estate teams and brokerages all over the world. Leadership will be an integral part of everyone’s individual success and the collective success of the business.

The high levels of customer service, ethics, integrity and results will showcase the global impact our ever-evolving team makes in the world.

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