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Developing a spirit of generosity can be transformative. Being generous with your time, treasure, and talents, can go a long way in any industry for both team members and clients alike. In Dare to Lead, author Brene Brown challenges her readers to “extend the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words, and actions of others.” When you are forgiving and gentle with people, you demonstrate generosity of spirit. Applying this kind of mentality to the way you approach your clients and your team, can lead to greater understanding and compassion. So, how do you go about leading with generosity?

Generosity automatically triggers thoughts of money or charity however in leadership generosity is so much more. Being a generous leader means thinking the best of others, giving recognition, and sharing knowledge and opportunities. And when we are generous, it is contagious. 

Here are five ways to develop a habit of generosity in your life and business.

1. GIVE ATTENTION. As a business owner, it is your job to focus on the big picture of your business and as an agent you are spending most of your time selling real estate, which you should be as it is your own zone of genius. However, it is important to not neglect the people in front of you who are quietly working in the background – your stellar admin team. Make the time to genuinely connect with your team. 

2. GIVE KNOWLEDGE. Author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek has said it is important to take the risk to be generous. In many of his talks he shares the importance of not holding back and giving without wanting anything in return. Enriching others lives by sharing what we know will in turn have positive effects on our own lives. Being generous creates a more positive outlook on life and helps improve mental health. What knowledge, expertise, or best practices that you have acquired over the years can you share with those around you? 

3. GIVE ENCOURAGEMENT. Nothing goes further in building strong teams than for people to feel appreciated. Don’t hold back acknowledging each other. It’s important to remember that we cannot accomplish our goals without the support of our teams. Each person plays a unique and valuable role. When it comes to praise, if you think, say it! Don’t be afraid to share from the heart. Publicly celebrate every success as a group achievement, and be quick to call out both personal accomplishments and group efforts. Think about someone on your team who might need encouragement, and find a way to give them that.

4. GIVE GROWTH. Most of us struggle with delegation. And when we don’t delegate properly, it can be frustrating for all parties involved. As a leader it is important to delegate results not just tasks to ensure that you are delegating worthwhile work that becomes a gift of growth for someone else. As the person being delegated to, it is just as important to ask for clarification as well as more responsibility as you feel able. 

5. GIVE INFORMATION.  A leader with a generous spirit helps their team see how the work they perform, no matter how small it may seem, has an impact on the vision of the company. Albert Camus said, “Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present.” 

Often leaders can be so focused on future achievements and realizing the vision of the organization that they forget to share the details with the people around them. Schedule some time to reflect on how much you are giving to the people around you and where you might be able to do more. 

Have you developed a habit of generosity in your life and business? We can help you level up your leadership skills or gain clarity on how to best lead your team. We offer several options for growth-minded real estate agents and want to be a resource for you. Schedule your FREE clarity call today! 

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