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As an admin, you have an influential and important role in your real estate team. Whether you’re reminding your agent about important meetings, communicating with clients, or developing new marketing strategies, you have a hand in every sale and every success.  

Most real estate agents don’t have the time (or desire) to develop systems and processes for their business – that’s where you come in. As an admin, your ability to multitask and your unique perspective will help you find opportunities to level up your real estate team.

So, Where Are the Opportunities?

Start by taking a birds-eye view of your day-to-day operations in the office. First, look around for areas where things might not be flowing as smoothly as they should be. Is there a process you can streamline? What’s holding the team back? If you notice something that’s inefficient or needs improvement, it’s not a problem – it’s an opportunity!

When you’re ready, document the workflow for each phase of the business cycle. This can both help you identify areas for improvement as well as gain knowledge about areas of the business you might be less familiar with. 

Design a Plan

Next, it’s time to put on your thinking cap. How could systems and procedures solve your problem and start creating cohesive alignment in your team?

Take a look at your listings, for example. Is there a procedure for preparing a listing appointment? What about hosting open houses and tracking showing feedback? If so, are they written down and properly documented, so everyone on the team can be held accountable and new hires can easily be trained?

If not, it’s time to start an overhaul of your listings systems. Once you’ve made documentation of what the current procedure is and identified areas for improvement, you can then move forward with automating, optimizing, and beyond. Once you start thinking with a systems mindset, you’ll see areas for improvement everywhere!

Implement Changes  

New or updated systems aren’t always warmly received by real estate teams, but that’s typically because either a) they don’t understand their function (i.e. they don’t understand how it will help them save time and make more money), or b) they feel as though they don’t have the time to learn them. Once your team starts using them, however, they’ll quickly discover that the changes you’ve made are for the better!

When implementing new systems, don’t spring them on your team. Lead by explaining why the systems will make their lives better, and how this is something you’ve created to help them succeed.

With the right systems in place, you can consistently offer 5-star service to your clients, receive stellar reviews and enjoy repeat and referral business. Not only that, but having solid systems also means your team can go on vacation knowing that everything will be handled expertly in their absence.

Want help building systems? Schedule a clarity call with our systems consultant and get an evaluation of the systems in your business and recommendations for greater efficiency.

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