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How to Evolve in Your Career (Without Switching Roles)

Have you ever been asked what your five-year plan is? Maybe your ten-year plan?

Kammbium - how to evolve in you career without switching roles

Have you ever been asked what your five-year plan is? Maybe your ten-year plan? It’s easy to freeze up and feel intimidated when an employer, colleague, or even a friend asks you to think about your future.

For many people, a life “plan” has to demonstrate significant growth, i.e. evolution. For example, “I want to start working as a real estate assistant, then become an agent, then lead a team, and then become a broker.”

But what if you’re happy where you are in your career? More importantly, what if you love your role as a real estate assistant, and you don’t want to become an agent?

At Kammbium, we know that you can evolve in your career, without switching roles. Here’s how.

1) Be a Knowledge Seeker

When was the last time you searched for tools to help you feel more competent in your career? From online courses to inspiring communities, learning new things will have you forever-evolving in the role of your dreams.

Believe it or not, you can also evolve by amassing knowledge in your free time! Be it a new recipe, a musical instrument, or a challenging fitness routine, any form of self-improvement can be beneficial for your career. Why? Because it will make you feel stronger and more accomplished! There’s nothing better than stepping into your power both inside and outside the office.

2) Recognize Opportunities

You might not know it yet, but your role is always evolving. Yes, your business card might always say “Real Estate Admin,” but as time passes, there will be opportunities for you to take on new tasks, make improvements, or step outside the boundaries of your current role.

When you find something that peaks your interest, pursue it! Not only will it bolster your skillset, but it will show your boss how quickly (and willingly) you evolve.

3) Be Open to Possibility

As you evolve, you may find that you’re interested in taking your career in a different direction, and that’s okay! It’s important to remember that nothing is set in stone. As a creature of evolution, you are allowed to make discoveries and change your mind to follow the path that feels authentic to you. 

Or, on the flip side, you may discover that you are blissfully happy where you are; both scenarios are an empowering place to be. Just open your heart to possibility and you’ll soon discover what’s waiting for you on the other side.

When it comes down to it, learning is evolution. If you’re continually learning and growing, then you’re evolving in your career! You don’t need to change roles to demonstrate success. If you’re searching for inspiration, schedule a clarity call with the Kammbium team. We’ll help you reignite your passion for your career.