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How to Impress Your Boss: REA Edition

how to impress your boss

impress your boss 101

Whether we like to admit it or not, there’s nothing better than being on good terms with your boss. After all, a smooth working relationship fosters a productive environment where you can feel supported and thrive!

But how do you nurture a lasting, professional relationship with your boss without seeming cocky or overconfident? How can you demonstrate that you’re trustworthy, dedicated, and – most importantly – reliable? Whether you’re new to your role or an industry expert, you can follow this quick, easy guide to learn how to impress your boss. 

Ask for feedback 

Do you have regularly scheduled performance reviews? If not, it’s time to get one on the calendar. Performance reviews shouldn’t be dreaded – in fact, they should be seen as an opportunity for you to brag about your accomplishments and learn new ways to stand out in your role. 

When you ask your boss for a performance review, it tells them that 1) you truly care about living up to their expectations and 2) you aren’t afraid to get feedback. When you demonstrate that you’re able to take feedback, your boss will see you as a problem-solver, not someone who avoids a challenge.

At Kammbium, we recommend requesting 90-day, 6 month, and one year performance reviews (at the very least!). If you’ve been in your role for longer than a year, you can simply ask for mid-year and end-of-year performance reviews. 

If you feel like you need more frequent feedback, ask your boss if they would be open to scheduling regular, informal check-ins with you. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that you’re hitting the mark. 

Never Say “It’s not my job” 

Look – we get it. Sometimes, your boss might ask you to do things that are outside of the scope of your role. While boundaries are good (for example, they can’t expect you to clean their house and wash their dishes), there are clear benefits to taking on a flexible, “can do” attitude when it comes to your duties as a real estate assistant. 

More often than not, REAs are expected to jump in where they’re needed – even if it’s something they’re unfamiliar with. In these situations, it’s beneficial to take a deep breath and say, “I’ll try my best.” Nobody can expect you to become an expert at something new overnight, but by demonstrating your willingness to try, you show that you’re there to support your team. And better yet – you might even surprise yourself by discovering a new skill that you never knew you had!


If you want to stand out as a REA, then it’s time to grab your notebook and start learning. By staying on top of industry trends and new tech (for example, have you automated your email marketing yet?), you’ll have the insider’s scoop on real estate best practices and the strategies that other REAs use to better serve their team. 

From community-based platforms to online courses, there is a wealth of knowledge online for you to learn secret tricks of the trade. Approach your role with curiosity and an open mind, and you’ll be on the fast-track to impressing your boss.