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If you are like myself and my team, you may be starting the new year fully motivated to undergo a process of positive transformation! Since we want you to be wildly successful, we have created a Monthly Goal Tracker that will allow you to set and align your personal and professional goals!

Why set goals? Setting goals has been proven to lead to greater success and performance as well as improved mental health. The act of goal setting helps you identify and focus on what is most important to you. Tracking your progress towards these goals helps sustain your motivation and momentum so that you end up achieving more!

Why align your personal and professional goals? For many of us, our personal and professional lives are closely intertwined. When you align YOUR goals, with those of the company, it helps you feel excited, enlivened, and engaged about what you are doing at work!

You can also experience greater satisfaction as you make progress in your life WHILE you are doing your job. If you are training for your first marathon, for example, you might coordinate with your boss and your team so that you can take longer lunch breaks. This way you can fit a run into your work day. Companies that strive to attract and retain talented employees should be looking for ways to support people like yourself in achieving their own personal goals.

Why use our Monthly Goal Tracker?
First of all, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down on a regular basis! This is because of how our brains work. “When you write things down, you’re activating both parts of your brain, the imaginative right hemisphere, and the logic-based left hemisphere.” (Source:…/writing-down-goals-for-success/)

Second, the Monthly Goal Tracker provides room for you to write in your company vision and values. Vision statements express what a company wants to be in the future and values reflect what qualities are most important to you and your team. Having a clear vision and specific values will help you know what you want to achieve together and how you are going to treat each other along the way.

The Monthly Goal Tracker also offers space to write down the annual company goals and then to break these down by month. How do these goals translate into your annual and monthly goals for your own role? Finally, set your personal goals by year and by month and reflect on how they can be aligned with your goals at work.

We recommend revisiting the Monthly Goal Tracker weekly, or even daily, to help you hold yourself accountable to your goals and to help you stay on track until you reach them!

If you would like to receive our Monthly Goal Tracker and get started setting and aligning your goals, please click below!


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