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Marketing 101: Expanding Your Agent’s Real Estate Network

Learn how to use marketing to expand your real estate network.

social media marketing for expanding real estate network

When business is slow, agents often turn to their real estate admin for a marketing boost. But you’re a real estate admin – not an experienced marketer; where should you start? Don’t worry – in this blog, we’ll make lead generation understandable and even manageable. The only thing standing between you and an ever-expanding real estate network is a little bit of marketing finesse.

New Lead Avenues

If your agent is noticing a drop in revenue, there’s no better time to explore new avenues to collect real estate leads. Like many real estate teams, you might find that a large chunk of your business is generated via word of mouth. So where else can you go to expand your network? How do you find the people who need you? 

  • Print Mail – No matter what they say, print mail isn’t dead. In fact, print marketing is on a noticeable upswing post-COVID. You can design a brochure, a flyer, a postcard – something different and memorable to send to residents in your service network. In fact, there are even companies who will send “handwritten” postcards to give your marketing campaign a more personal touch.

  • Social Media – Social media is a tough game. For anyone who has tried it, you know that it takes diligence, time, effort, and creativity to develop even a modest following. If you’re a social media guru, this might be the right course of action for you. But, if (like most of us) you feel a bit like you’re shouting into the void, you can focus on social media maintenance, rather than growth. Your page is there to show that you are an active, trustworthy company, not to try and go viral on TikTok. That would be nice, though – wouldn’t it?

  • Google Ads Google Ads are great, because you can target keywords like, “Where to buy a home in x” or “how to sell my home in x” or “the best real estate company in x.” They also tend to attract leads who are more likely to convert sooner, rather than later. On the flipside, they can be incredibly challenging to manage on your own, so it might be worth finding a freelancer or company to manage them for you.

  • Let’s Party – When it comes down to it, the sky’s the limit. Participate in local events or throw your own. Better yet – create some buzz with remarkable open houses! If you can think of a way to attract new leads, there’s no rules on how or where you do it. 

No matter what you choose, be sure to do whatever you can to (legally) collect their name, email and phone number so you can add them to your marketing campaigns. 

Keep the Conversation Going

Whether it’s email marketing, social media, print flyers, or in-person events, there’s nothing more important than continuing the conversation with your existing leads. After all, you spent a ton of time and effort working to build your lead network – don’t let them fall to the wayside once they’re added to your address book! 


That being said, there is such a thing as “too much.” Emailing more than twice a week or posting more than once per day can quickly annoy your leads, making them resistant to any sales pitch or opportunity you might have to offer them. 

In a lot of ways, marketing continues to be trial and error. Don’t get frustrated if your efforts don’t make an impact at first. Dust yourself off and try again! The more you learn, the faster you’ll be able to expand your agent’s real estate network.

Want a little more guidance on how to grow as an admin? Explore our online courses for new and experienced real estate admin and level-up your skills.