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Let’s chat about predictability and what that truly means from an operational standpoint… (Can I just say that every time I discuss being predictable, I hear the song “Simply Irresistible” by Robert Palmer in my head, however in place of “Simply Irresistible”, mine says “Always So Predictable.” You just sang it in your head, catchy right?!) 

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “You’re so predictable”, it’s likely paired with an eye roll, and in the context of identifying a negative personal character trait that lacks adventure or spontaneity. However, if someone calls my business or the way I conduct business predictable, frankly, I’m flattered. This shows me that I have proven to be consistent in my processes, they knew what to expect, and that the execution of our business together was well explained, and they were confident in my ability to represent them. 

I believe that often as professionals who have created and mastered systems of our own art, we often overlook the importance and security that providing a sense of predictability for our clients truly provides. From the very first encounter with your client to the most recent one, they should never experience a feeling of unexpected surprise that leaves them blind sided. Agents, clients, rainmakers, fellow admin, etc. rely heavily on the predictability of the operations and support staff, maybe even unknowingly, to provide and outline clear, concise expectations, and provide clarity around any opportunity that may present itself. We enforce this trait by continuing to evolve our systems and processes to an ever changing market while maintaining the stability and the routine of the standard process we have always provided and they have grown to expect, with no added feelings of change to anyone else around us. Real estate transactions are held together by the glue of predictability in operations. Let’s just be honest here, we keep it all reigned in and keep all of the pieces moving, for everyone. The absence of predictability will typically be accompanied by a lack of systems and processes, disorganization, and a lot of clueless people in transactions. Sadly, this often leads to inaccurate communication, misunderstood instructions, and ultimately could lead to a delayed or even a terminated deal if we are unable to reinstate or even establish security and confidence for our clients and/or for our team. 

Does everything always go as we planned? No. Can we truly predict every single scenario that we will face? Also, no. Can we have a plan of action to execute on any scenario that we face? Yes. 

Always have a plan, a process, and an immediate action item ready for any situation that arises, enforce the ability to pivot quickly with no noticeable delay, and with unwavering confidence that everything is under control and being handled. 

Predictability is one of the most valuable and treasured traits for an operations professional to possess. You are creating a sense of preparedness, confidence, and reassurance for everyone you serve, encouraging them to feel at ease and relaxed, providing a pleasant experience, and one worthy of referring. 

Let’s go be predictable today!

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