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Slowing Down to Speed Up: How to Nurture Your Real Estate Career

Learn how you can nurture your career by including some down time in your schedule.

Slowing down to speed up

Be honest: when was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? In a society that places untold value on productivity, it can be tough to slow down – let alone rest. But what if we were to rethink the way we pursue success? 

The Problem with Speed

Ask any marathon runner; speed is a finite resource. Sure, you might be able to race towards the finish line if you pace yourself, but moving quickly is a skill – and not everyone has it mastered.

According to HR Dive, 65% of employees experienced burnout in 2023. Burnout is a state of complete mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, and it often requires time off from work or even hospitalization in order for the person to recover. Most people who experience burnout report feeling useless, powerless, and empty in their career. 

In short: burnout is a big problem – especially in the real estate industry. 

Why Real Estate

So what makes the real estate industry the ideal space for burnout to thrive? Well – there are a few different reasons. 

First off, the real estate industry is fast-paced. Employees work weekends and long hours, rarely taking a break in order to stay ahead of the competition. Ask any real estate agent or admin, chasing sales goals is a way of life. 

Second, real estate teams often lack systems. When there aren’t any systems to help organize the chaos, it can be very easy for team members to wind up filling multiple roles. This means that there is no real “end” to their work – there’s only an attempt to keep up to the neverending to-do list. 

Third (and perhaps the most important), self-care is rarely prioritized. The “work hard, play hard” mentality can be toxic; “play” does not equate to “rest.”

Pressing Pause

This brings us to the power of “pause.” At Kammbium, we believe that taking a moment – however small – to press the reset button on your nervous system can put you on the fast-track to success. Just like a tree, you need time to lay dormant before you can blossom in the spring! 

Ask yourself, “When can I press pause throughout the day? How can I truly nurture my real estate career?” 

Maybe you make time for meditation in the morning, or perhaps you go for a short walk every night. Even five or ten minutes of purposeful stillness can bring more balance to your career.

Let’s Talk About Sleep

Lack of sleep and over-caffeination are two of the biggest contributors to burnout, and they often go hand in hand. When we’re not getting enough sleep, we tend to gravitate towards a cup of coffee in the afternoon to get us through. In turn, consuming caffeine late in the day can prevent us from getting a restful, lasting sleep. 

One of the easiest ways to slow down is to prioritize your sleep. Cut out caffeine in the afternoon and avoid screens close to bedtime. You might be shocked at how ready and excited you are to start your workday! 

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