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We’ve all heard it, but have we truly grasped the importance of this concept in how we show up daily? How do we live out our MVV every day? Let’s dive below the surface level a little here…the majority of businesses, teams, and business professionals have either outlined this as they structure their business, or have inherited one that came with the position, or business, where they are currently. Maybe you are starting or restructuring your business and want to know how to create and illustrate your true mission and vision. 

Where to start…?
In my experience, I would say to start by clearly outlining what your vision is. Your big picture, where success is defined, where you are collectively thriving and achieving success through and for others, what does that look like?

From that vision, I would narrow that down to the bottom line of the WHY, why is this important to us? What kind of impact are we making and why does it matter? From this conclusion, your mission will likely identify itself.

Your values will likely have already showed themselves by this point in the process, however, it is still critical in being true to the process to state them for awareness and accountability, now and futuristically. 

Does it really matter..?
Now, the real question, why does any of this matter? I’m willing to bet if you are invested in yourself and your business enough to take the time to outline the mission, vision, values process then you are probably in the business of changing lives, be it your team, or your community. Having a solid foundation of who you are and who you want in your world will have a tremendous impact on who you hire, who you conduct business with, how you conduct business, and the reputation you and your team are building in the community.  

Include your people…
The creation and the building of your mission, vision, and values is a great team building activity, should you be restructuring, rebranding, or transitioning in any way. Allowing your team to share the way they see others and themselves (and you!) showing up daily is an amazing tool to enforce that you are a true reflection of what you are striving for, and sometimes, to identify areas where growth is possible. This allows the people who are in your world already to be a part of the creation (or recreation) of the fundamentals of your business, they will buy into participation well here because they will feel like their input is valued (and it should be!).Your mission, vision, values should always be your reference point in decision making, hiring, conducting business,  facing adversity, and celebrating success. It should be honored and valued by everyone who you bring into your world, they should exemplify all of the traits and values important to you, in turn, maximizing the impact you all collectively make. 

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