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Real Estate Teamwork

The Future of
Real Estate Teamwork

Exclusive Coaching for Growth-Minded Real Estate Agents & Admins


Escape the cycle of confusion and chaos. Embrace the calm and confidence that come with documented systems.


In partnership with our friends at Hire LAB, we’ve got real estate recruiting and hiring solutions for every budget.


Hiring was just the first hurdle. How do you train your new hire—without neglecting the rest of your business?


You’ll face new challenges and opportunities at every level of your business. Rise to the occasion with our guidance.

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Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I’m Kathleen Metcalf.

I built Kammbium with one goal in mind: to coach real estate agents and admins to help them be the best they can be.

I’ve spent the last two decades working in the real estate industry and learning everything there is to know about hiring, training, and retaining your real estate operations talent. I’ve also dedicated countless hours to working with rainmakers, lead agents and team leaders to help them scale their business and build a successful team.

My team and I are devoted to reinventing how real estate teams operate. Our proven system takes the accepted chaos out of real estate and turns your business into the well-oiled machine you’ve always dreamt of. Yes, it’s a process and it takes work to transform, but you aren’t alone.

We are your guides.

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When you work with Kammbium, you don’t just benefit from my knowledge – you benefit from the knowledge of my entire team. Together, we have countless years of experience in real estate across a variety of different specialties.


As soon as you sign up with Kammbium, I’ll assign you a dedicated coach who will learn everything there is to know about you and your business. Then, I’ll work with them one-on-one to create a customized coaching or training plan for you and your admin.


We’ll evaluate your current business and design a plan to achieve the results you desire most. Based on your values, goals and the talented people on your team, we’ll give you the steps you need to take and help you execute them along the way.

Stop worrying about your business and start doing more of what you love.

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What'S In THE Name?

C A M B I U M is the layer underneath the bark of a tree that provides the tree with oxygen and nutrients so it can grow and thrive. Cambium is a live network, and it’s able to sustain that tree’s health for its lifetime. We’re spelling Kammbium with K A M M as “kamm” is a German derivative word, which means “to comb through.” We are Kammbium because we comb through what may be chaos inside your operations so we can make it even better!


First, we’ll comb through your operations workflow and document what’s working, offer suggestions for what’s missing and determine the responsibilities for each role on the team.


Next, we’ll make sure that you know how to hire the best people, provide training that supports your workflow, and participate in coaching for performance and growth as a team.


Each person on the team is a leader in their own right. We’ll serve as a lasting support system for authentic leadership, optimized systems, and a profitable business.

There is a way to have a sustainable business with more joy, effectiveness, efficiency, production, and profitable results. Do you want the future of real estate teamwork for your business? Reach out to us at Kammbium.

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Our Team

Get to know our team of incredible real estate specialists. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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our fans

Jim Gilday

Kathleen’s coaching has been critical to the development of my business, she coached me through 3 assistants and some very tough times. She helped train and motivate and help my current assistant. She provided the structure and course work, the counseling to help my assistant become one of the best in the business, changing both her life and mine.

Elizabeth Lee

The benefits of the REA 101 Training program is that I get to meet with awesome coaches with my team and individually. The individual calls give me an opportunity for me to be mentored individually.

Paul Scherrer

Benefits far exceeded our expectation. Kathleen and her team are totally keyed in to how successful teams use systems and processes to facilitate growth.

Nancy Narimatsu

Not only did Kathleen introduce me to the dynamics of working in a real estate office, she gave me insight into my agents needs and expectations. This was probably the most valuable aspect of my coaching experience.

Hannah Myers

If you are struggling with communication, personality differences, or work flow and process, this coaching program can help you better understand why you are having those issues and learn how to resolve them rather than letting them drag on.

Contact us!